Innovation to Market

Platform Development

Heliae is an applied life sciences and technology company. Our focus is on researching and developing microalgae and other cutting edge biological platforms for commercial scale production of useful products.


Our mission is to create sustainable microalgae products and solutions that enhance  of soil, plant, animal, and human health.


Integrity and persistent innovation are the primary core values that define Heliae.

Our Focus

Our scientists at Heliae focus on researching and developing microalgae for commercial scale production of useful products. Our long term vision is to create a world where microalgae has a vital role in supporting a healthy life.

Heliae Industries Lab


Soil Solutions

Unlike other agriculture products, ours work to restore the natural quality of healthy soil and balance in the overall soil ecosystem. Providing you both conventional and organic options, our plan is to focus on doing what is right for the environment, not just doing what is better. Meaning, healthy soil, plants, people, and planet.

Vivid Differences

Our products demonstrate vivid benefits in a variety of crops, regions, and soils. Every batch is tested for efficacy and safety on crops. Assisting in fruit longevity, yield, canopy growth, root health, and stress tolerance.

Heliae Agriculture, Monetery California, PhycoTerra