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Heliae is the food and agriculture tech company on the front lines of climate change threats. With a 100% focus and unique research and development capabilities, we are unlocking the full potential of microbial-based solutions on a commercial scale, giving planet Earth its first, best chance for sustainable impact from the soil up.

Our founders named the company Heliae (pronounced “HEE-LEE-AY”) drawing upon the Greek words for the sun (Helios) and algae. Founded at Arizona State University, we have invested 10 years of research and science to provide solutions for the next 50 years of challenges of the planet. With a constantly growing population and overall food production needing to increase by anywhere from 25-70% between now and 2050, we provide solutions.

At our core is the understanding that nature is already at work sustaining life with microalgae, the fastest growing photosynthesizing organism on this planet. With this we have learned how to grow microalgae through proprietary processes efficiently, rapidly, and in a controlled environment and innovated better performance and lower cost capabilities across multiple industries, from agriculture, to food and nutrition, to polymers. We are charging towards to the threat of sustainable uncertainty with the solutions required to meet the urgent needs of today.


Only Heliae delivers solutions that make a difference NOW. We offer partners the technology and tools to realize their goals, while offering farmers and innovators sustainable and regenerative food and agricultural products.


At Heliae, our mission is to create sustainable microalgae products and solutions that enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health.


Since 2008 we have identified, refined and employed biological and technological platforms that are redefining the boundaries of science and creating a better future for all.

Our Culture

Integrity and

At Heliae we work side-by-side with innovators and growers from around the world to make sure our state-of-the-art technology works best for their needs. We have spent years testing and learning the most effective growth platforms and can offer affordable options to assist with sustainability needs. Whether it is through our agriculture soil microbe food product lines, food ingredient components, or through assisting with production growth needs from strain development to small-scale research validation. We are experts in efficient growth production. Our experience in perfecting PhycoTerra® has led us down the path to offer our proprietary growth platforms and unique microalgae fermentation capabilities to other companies looking to scale-up. Through this process we are able to deliver diverse products and excellent performance capabilities.


With our world class team of scientists, engineers, and agronomists, we focus on delivering solutions today that can provide immediate impact with long term success. Our years of research have equipped us with the tools you need to start saving the planet today.

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