Sustainable Lawn Care Brought to the Next Level

Rachio and Heliae Agriculture Partnership

Furthering the world of customizable and sustainable lawn care nationwide, this biotech solution will drive nutrient use efficiency

Rachio, Inc. is collaborating with Heliae Agriculture to provide a biotech liquid soil microbial food solution to assist with customizing lawn care nationwide. This collaboration will go to the next level of lawn care to drive nutrient use efficiency making for healthy and sustainable lawns, turf, and grass.

Heliae Agriculture has pioneered the use of microalgae for agriculture. Over the last 11 years, it has optimized its technology and developed innovative products like PhycoTerra®. PhycoTerra® causes the explosive growth of native soil microbes, releasing bio-active compounds. It is pasteurized, non-living algae, liquid concentrate of vital nutrients using whole cells of microalgae grown in highly controlled conditions.

Rachio is the industry-leading smart lawn care and sustainable watering company. By connecting to installed sprinkler systems, Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers use details on consumers’ yards in combination with local weather data to determine exactly how much water an individual’s lawn needs. Rachio controllers operate irrigation systems using the homeowner’s smartphone and Wi-Fi. Now on their third generation smart sprinkler controller, Rachio is moving further into the sustainable lawn care space with a new lawn care subscription plan, Rachio Thrive, in partnership with Heliae Agriculture.

“Our research through our microalgae soil microbiome food has been assisting growers worldwide,” said Eric Lichtenheld, President and CEO of Heliae. “Partnering with Rachio and bringing our commercial techniques to the consumer level through this partnership allows for our improvements in soil efficiency and implementation of regenerative agriculture to be used more widespread.”

Rachio Thrive, Powered by PhycoTerra

The cutting-edge solution powered by Heliae’s tested agricultural products, combined with Rachio’s proprietary watering capabilities and watering intelligence, will repair yards and create healthier root structures capable of more sustainable water use.

“Our innovative watering technology, in conjunction with Heliae’s agricultural legacy, will better enable homeowners to achieve results with much less water,” says Chris Klein, CEO and Co-Founder of Rachio. “We’re excited to partner with Heliae to further our mission of making water use more sustainable and personally rewarding.”

“We remain focused on developing our pipeline of soil microbe food products,” said N.R. (Norm) Davy, Chief Revenue Officer of Heliae. “Through this collaboration we can expand our efforts with providing a regenerative method to assist with the yards of millions of Americans.”

Rachio has saved homeowners and their communities tens of billions of gallons of water since it released its first smart sprinkler controller in 2014. Learn more about the partnership at




About Heliae Development, LLC

Heliae Development, LLC is a pioneering food and ag-tech company located outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Heliae is focused on researching and developing microalgae for commercial-scale production of products and solutions that can have world-changing impacts on some of the most important challenges facing us today. Heliae Agriculture is on the path of understanding how a balanced soil microbiome improves plant vigor and marketable yields under stressed conditions, helping growers’ transition to regenerative agriculture practices. Find out more information about how Heliae is having a global impact.



Shelley Baugh, Heliae Development, LLC
Global Marketing & Communications Manager


About Rachio

Rachio is working at the intersection of residential water and technology to make sustainable water use effortless and personally rewarding. Founded in Denver in 2013, Rachio invented the first-ever smart sprinkler controller and remote watering app. Now on its third-generation technology, Rachio helps deliver the right amount of water to your yard, automatically, and has saved homeowners billions of gallons of water. Rachio’s ecosystem of natural and sustainable yard care products create beautiful, thriving yards that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment. By continuing to research and evolve the right products for every yard, Rachio helps customers effortlessly bring their yards to life. 



Kirstin Hallett
Senior Account Manager