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Driven by relentless focus, we have learned how to grow microalgae and other organisms through proprietary processes efficiently, rapidly, and in a controlled environment to deliver better performance and lower cost capabilities across multiple industries, from agriculture, to food and nutrition, to polymers. Heliae is a technology innovation center, out in front, meeting the threat of sustainable uncertainty.

Path to a Regenerative Future

Regenerative Agriculture
Soil Health & Quality

There are 2 million farms across America; about 98% of US farms are operated by families that are working endlessly to provide us the certainty that we will be fed. PhycoTerra® soil microbe food is an innovative crop technology that pays dividends for both the crop as well as the soil to growers worldwide. It acts like a glue in the soil to improve the microbial life and provide an ideal environment for nutrient retention and protection against environmental stresses.


With one application of PhycoTerra®, you can retain the soil that you have, improve the soil that remains, and restore the soil that you have lost. So, in times of uncertainty, you can count on growers and growers can count on Heliae.

What is Regenerative Agriculture & Our Search for Answers

Without Farmers,

There is No Future

Innovation to Market

Creating Sustainable
Impact through Regeneration

We are a technology innovation company creating sustainable impact through products that provide regenerative agriculture to growers, food ingredients to plant-based food manufacturers, and tolling business services to start-up manufacturers.


At Heliae we work side-by-side with innovators and growers to make sure our state-of-the-art technology works best for their needs. We have spent years testing and learning which growth platforms work best and can offer affordable options to assist with their sustainability needs.

Heliae Development, Innovation to Market