Georgia Soil Health: A Strategic Alliance with R.W. Griffin

R.W. Griffin and Heliae Agriculture launch a strategic alliance to promote soil health in Georgia and South Florida

Heliae® Agriculture is partnering with the R.W. Griffin family of companies to drive soil health in Georgia and North Florida.  R.W. Griffin, one of the largest fertilizer retailers in Georgia, has become one of the company’s official distributors for the southeast region.

Griffin Evans, Chemical and Seed Director for R.W. Griffin says, “We are happy to create a strategic alliance with Heliae. Their efforts to drive healthy soils allows us to help our growers achieve an improved return on investment on their current crops while sustaining their soil for future generations.”

In this strategic partnership, R.W. Griffin will be working with Heliae on the application of its microalgae soil microbe food PhycoTerra®, to support its efforts in peanuts, cotton, and specialty crops in Georgia and North Florida. PhycoTerra® is created from a Heliae-proprietary strain of microalgae that feeds microbes present in soil, which in turn creates a more complex soil profile that improves water retention and nutrient use efficiency in the field, among other demonstrated benefits.

“Our soil microbe food will give the R.W. Griffin Specialty Ag product line the additional tools needed to support their efforts in soil health to their growers across the region,” said N.R. (Norm) Davy, Chief Revenue Officer of Heliae. “Our U.S. third party trials have seen more than 10:1 ROI’s for farmers in a number of key crops. This is another important step in providing regenerative agriculture solutions to growers in the southeast region.”

Learn more in this interview with Davy from the Agricultural Retailers Association convention in New Orleans this week.