Sigma Partners with Heliae Agriculture

Sigma Agriscience And Heliae® Agriculture Boost Agriculture Market

Delivering Results In Root And Shoot Growth

Heliae® Agriculture will be partnering with Houston-based Sigma Agriscience, a manufacturer of granular biofertilizers and biostimulants. Sigma will be adding PhycoTerra® to their fertilizer program, this new blend will assist with root and shoot growth on a variety of crops.

“We are thrilled to be in collaboration with Heliae® Agriculture,” said Alan Warren, President & CEO of Sigma Agriscience. “This partnership brings together a unique value of products, creating a versatile soil health focus for the world.”

“Blending our microalgae technology with a premium fertilizer product and select biologicals creates new synergy that nourishes the soil, feeds the existing and new biological population, and makes the fertilizer products function at maximum efficiency,” said Doug Ranno, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Heliae® Agriculture. “This should become a standard process to maximize soil health and crop fertility programs while delivering efficient water retention and nitrogen use into programs naturally.”

Heliae® Agriculture’s product PhycoTerra® is a whole cell, pasteurized microalgae that nourishes the soil microbiome. When combined with Sigma’s premium biological fertilizers, it has demonstrated up to 42% increase on treated shoots with select blend.

“This partnership offers innovative products and solution to agriculture, nurseries, orchards, turfs, and landscape markets,” Ranno said. “Combining these products will build value for customers everywhere.”

Both companies seek to improve soil health and increase growers existing yield and profitability. Sigma Biosphere products utilize a range of soil and crop appropriate combinations of magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and micronutrients in season-long form to augment NPK blends to maximize crop production across a variety of growing environments and crop rotations. Now by adding Heliae® Agriculture’s PhycoTerra® to their blends, Sigma will be delivering a first-in-class, complete package fertilizer portfolio that now includes a powerful, whole cell, pasteurized microalgae.

Heliae® Agriculture is a cutting-edge agriculture technology company creating sustainable solutions for growers everywhere. Marketing globally to growers and distributors and recognized as the industry leader in microalgae innovation, Heliae® Agriculture seeks and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with companies whenever the project is aligned with our mission to create sustainable solutions to enhance soil and plant health. For more information call (800) 998-6536 or visit