Heliae® Scientists to Speak at Largest Algae Conference in the World

Multiple Presentations at this year’s Algae Biomass Summit

Heliae Development, LLC will be presenting at this year’s Algae Biomass Summit in Orlando, Florida, September 16-19. The annual Summit is the world’s largest gathering of algae scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and Fortune 500 companies that are adopting algae into their products and operations.


“Our presence at the ABO Summit is critical to us as it provides an exploration platform for both algae technology and the algae industry,” said Eric Lichtenheld, President and CEO of Heliae Development. “The key to advancing a sustainable future is through algae innovation. We are honored to have two speakers among the international technologists speaking at this year’s event.”


The topics and speakers representing Heliae will be: Vice President of Operations Mike LaMont who will be moderating Making Money with Algae, Development Seed Production Manager Luke Cizek on Beyond Light: Incorporating Organic Carbon for Increased Productivity, and Research Associate Lindsay Vicars on Down on the Farm: Algae Use in Agriculture.


In addition to speaking at the event, Heliae will be leading a Young Innovators Lounge (YIL) mentorship event. Mike LaMont, Vice President of Operations at Heliae and current Board Member at the Algae Biomass Organization, will be running a 30-minute session to share his experiences and connect with the young ABO members.


“I am very excited to be represented at the ABO Summit as well as offer some of the great minds at Heliae to speak,” said LaMont. “We are relentlessly pursuing creative ways to overcome the challenges associated with advancing algae and other underdeveloped biological platforms. The Summit provides the perfect platform for our initiatives,” LaMont continued.


This event follows Heliae’s presence at the Feria Hortifrut Conference in Santiago, Chile in June. To learn more about the ABO summit, go to www.algaebiomasssummit.org.