Heliae® Ventures to Chile for Top Agriculture Show

Nearly 2,000 attendees defined the Hortifrut agriculture conference

Last month Heliae® Agriculture was honored to be a part of the Hortifrut Feria de Tecnologia e Innovacion in Santiago, Chile. With a presence of nearly 2,000 attendees at the event, our President & CEO, Eric Lichtenheld spoke on the improvements microalgae can have on soil and the new technology of PhycoTerra®.  “Our focus at Heliae® Agriculture is to deliver solutions to farmers to make regenerative agriculture possible today” said Lichtenheld.

During the two days, among 60 exhibitors, Heliae® Agriculture offered a virtual reality tour of the campus in Gilbert, Arizona. The event, which debated the key issues for the future of agriculture, became a meeting point for the public sector, as well as the agricultural, scientific and academic communities. Thanks to our partnership with Afina International, Heliae was able to promote the efforts in the agriculture market in Latin America. David Godfrey-Thomas, CEO of Afina said, “Heliae Agriculture is a leader in regenerative agriculture, an area in which we have special interest, and we are delighted to bring their vital innovation to the world’s farmers.”

Eric Lichtenheld, Hortifrut Conference

The Hortifrut Feria de Tecnologia e Innovacion revolutionizes the agriculture industry, bringing prominent national and international speakers together. Lichtenheld joined the National Award of Exact Sciences winner, José Maza; the Top 10 Incubators of Forbes recipient, Steve Hoffman; the Vice President of Stanford Research Institute, Robert Pearlstein; and the distinguished futurist of the prestigious Singularity University, José Luis Cordeiro. More than 60 conferences were held on topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, digitalization, genetics and climate change.

Heliae Agriculture, VR Headset, Hortifrut Conference

“With our product expansion to the international markets, we want to develop an active presence in the Latin American markets, given the unique agriculture challenges in Latin America.” said Lichtenheld. “Having Norm Davy as Chief Revenue Officer and Lon Kreger as Senior Director, International Sales will ensure are role in supporting the needs of the Latin American growers.”

“With our product PhycoTerra® we plan to revolutionize technology sourced from nature that drives yield and quality by activating soil microbes” said Lichtenheld. Unlike other agriculture products on the market, PhycoTerra® works to restore the natural quality of healthy soil and balance the overall soil ecosystem.