Relentless Pursuit In Action

Pioneers of Platform Development

Heliae is an applied life sciences and technology company focused on researching and developing microalgae and other cutting edge biological platforms for commercial scale production of useful products.

Mission: Bring Innovation to Market

At Heliae, our mission is to unlock the potential of microalgae and other emerging biological systems by turning our research and innovation into products and solutions for our partners, customers, and the world.

Our Focus

Heliae is currently developing high value nutraceutical ingredients and specialty products for agriculture and aquaculture. Our long term vision includes the application of our technology for environmental remediation; providing sustainable low cost sources of nutrition for a growing world population; and the application of both conventional biotechnology and responsible genetic engineering to unlock the potential of algae.

Our Culture

Integrity and persistent innovation are the primary core values that define Heliae. We relentlessly pursue and develop new and creative ways to overcome the challenges associated with advancing underdeveloped biological platforms. Our commitment to our values and integrity are reflected in the quality of our products, our open and honest communications, and our dedication to reliable scientific data. Our shared vision is to responsibly unlock the potential of biological systems to provide enduring solutions for our customers, stakeholders, partners, and the world.

Our History

Heliae was founded in 2008, but the company established its current focus in 2012.  Our founders named the company Heliae (pronounced “HEE-LEE-AY”) drawing upon the Greek words for the sun (Helios) and algae.  In its first four years, Heliae operated as a small research and development spin out from Arizona State University focused on biofuel production.  With the introduction of additional investment and initiation of demonstration production facility construction, the company redefined its mission; starting a string of successes in attracting investments, developing technology, and successfully launching products.  Read more about our recent history in our Reading Room.