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At Heliae, we have discovered that microalgae holds the key to unlocking solutions that can feed and save our threatened planet. With food at significant risk globally and soil health degrading at an alarming rate, we have proven that innovations with microalgae rise to these challenges through its unique capabilities and inspire hope through its promising possibilities.


It is our passion to provide sustainable and affordable solutions for food, agriculture, and environmentally focused industries. Which is why we have invested 10 years of research and science to providing solutions for the next 50 years of challenges facing planet Earth.

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With our PhycoTerra® product, we provide food for the bacteria in the soil, stimulating the natural population of bacteria in the roots and microbiome. The proprietary microalgae products we deliver not only support the improvement of soil life but improve the quality of life and health for plants, animals, and humans.

Learn about Heliae, our mission, and our sustainable, regenerative agriculture products.

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