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Heliae™ Recognizes Opening of the Alvita Joint Venture

In October, Alvita, a joint venture between Heliae and Sincere Corporation, opened new, state of the art production facility in Saga City, Japan.

While exhibiting at the Algae Biomass Organization’s (ABO) Algae Biomass Summit held October 23-26 in Glendale, Arizona, Heliae and other members of the algae community took the opportunity to welcome Alvita to the algae production community. The Alvita facility recycles carbon dioxide from a co-located facility. Alvita held its official ribbon cutting ceremony on October 3, just prior to attending the ABO Summit for the industry celebration.

Members of the Alvita leadership team including Mr. Kentaro Makabe, Chief Technology Officer were in attendance for the industry welcome.

The opening of Alvita marks the culmination of a very successful 2-year partnership between Heliae and Sincere. Alvita is Heliae’s largest and most advanced international joint venture to date. The collaboration began in late 2014 when Heliae partnered with Sincere Corporation to design a microalgae production facility to produce natural astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant and carotenoid, from microalgae for the Japanese market. Heliae provided the technological and biological expertise along with project management leadership in launching Alvita.

“We consider ourselves fortunate to have found such a wonderful partner in Sincere Corporation”, said Eric Lichtenheld, Heliae’s Chief Operating Officer. “Their project execution was flawless and our teams have worked together amazingly well. This facility is setting a high bar for the future of microalgae biomass production in Southern Japan.”

Heliae and Alvita utilize a fully enclosed phototrophic raceway production system seeded by a proprietary seed growth system. This harmonization of technology and infrastructure allows natural sunlight to induce astaxanthin production without exposure to contamination found with other approaches to microalgae production. This approach mimics nature while protecting product quality and purity.

A short video documenting the project may be found at the top of this post, or on the Heliae web site at

An applied life sciences and technology company located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Heliae is focused on researching and developing algae and other underdeveloped biological platforms for commercial scale production of products that help people live better.

Heliae is currently partnering with large and small organizations on contract research, contract production, and joint venture opportunities, like Alvita.

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